about My Island Martial Arts Inc

Inspiring health, character development and community responsibility for all ages through self-defense skills and martial arts training.


Tuition – 

  • All tuition payments are required by the 1st day of the new membership month. 
  • This tuition covers all rank eligible classes for your student with a maximum of attending three per week. 
  • Declined/Failed automatic payments are subject to an additional fee ($25.00) per enrollee. Days 1- 3
  • Declined/Failed automatic payments from day 4 forward are subject to a price increase to the current program cost if applicable.
  • Students are not permitted to attend class until all tuition and fees are paid in full.

Attendance – 

  • Students may attend 3 classes each week representative of their rank.  
  • Students are encouraged to attend at a minimum of two classes each week to begin to create muscle memory as they advance through school rankings. 
  • Please see rank advancement requirements in the new parent portal. 

Cancellation Private Lesson – 

  • To cancel a Private Lesson a minimum of 48 hours’ notice must be given. 
  • There are no refunds for a cancellation but rather the day may be rescheduled for a better date and time suited for your family and MIMA.

Cancellation Monthly Tuition – 

  • To cancel monthly tuition payments please notify us in writing 30 days in advance.
  • Cancel any time with 30-days written notice. You are responsible for 1 month’s tuition upon sending notice.
  • ie… if you cancel anytime during your current paid month, you will owe the next month’s tuition. 
  • The membership will end on the last day of that month.
  • AutoPay with a credit card is required with each month paid in advance. 

Cancellation Class Reservations- 

  • To cancel a reserved class log into the Family Portal App
  • Select the student and day, then select cancel. 
  • Any classes reserved and not cancelled will be charged a $25 fee per no show.

Refunds – Tuition is nonrefundable, we will transfer credit to another class for the student at a future time. By registering you are securing your students’ day(s) and time(s) slot making it unavailable to another student as class sizes are limited to provide the best possible training to all students. 

  • Upon registration, a commitment is made to pay tuition by terms set out here. 
  • No financial adjustments are made for missed classes. 
  • If a student takes time off, but then asks to attend a drop-in class, the cost will be $35 for the single class and is to be paid in advance.
  • No Financial adjustments are made if a student is removed from the program by the parent.
  • No Financia adjustments are made if a student is removed from the program due to disciplinary reasons.

Pausing Tuition – 

  • To Pause a month please notify us in writing 30 days in advance. 
  • We will pause next month’s payment. 
  • Tuition resumes on the 1st of next month.


Returning Students – All students returning to the school within 6 months of last class will not receive a new Gi


  All students at the My Island Martial Arts school must be escorted into the building by a parent/guardian.  The My Island Martial Arts parking lot is a busy place among all of the businesses located there. My Island Martial Arts nor Perone properties can be held responsible if a student becomes lost or is unattended due to a front door drop off.

Pick Up must be done INSIDE as no student will be permitted to leave without supervision.  

If a parent/guardian is running more than 10 minutes late for pick up, a phone call will be made to the number provided on your enrollment form.  Coordination for pick up will be made through this conversation. A fee of $20 per 30 minutes late pick up will be accessed per student.

To cancel attending an event or Private Lesson a minimum of 24 hours notice must be given.  There are no refunds for a cancellation but rather the day may be rescheduled for a better date and time suited for your family and MIMA.

If MIMA must cancel an event for any reason, refunds will be administered to all those who prepaid for the event, in the case it cannot be rescheduled.  In addition an email and social media post will be made announcing this circumstance.  The cause for cancellation may be announced but is not required.

If MIMA must cancel a Private Lesson for any reason, no refund will be administered but the lesson will be rescheduled for a more appropriate time.  An email, text, or phone call will be made before the time of the lesson to inform the member.  The cause for cancellation may be announced but is not required

Class Cancellation – in the event that studio classes need to be cancelled for the day (whether by instructor illness, severe weather conditions, or other unavoidable circumstance) a text will be sent to the contact provided on your enrollment form.  MIMA will also announce this cancellation on our official website and social media.  The cause for cancellation may be announced but is not required.

Emergency Text List – all member phone contacts will be added to our mass text list.  The use of this list will be limited to last minute emergency cancellations or similar scenarios.  Such emergencies may include but are not limited too… severe weather (ie tornados), car accidents (of instructors), personal or family emergencies (of instructors).  This system will only be used when email, cite announcements, or social media posts cannot be made in a time appropriate manner.

1. Instructors will ensure that the training area is clear of any dangerous and/or sharp objects that may provide a risk of injury.
2. Instructors will always have access to a fully equipped first aid kit.
3. Persons must not wear jewelry or watches during training.
4. All persons participating in training agree to always maintain self-control and maintain all care in the application of any technique.
5. Any persons, who while training, exhibit behavior that, in the judgement of the instructor is a danger to other participants, shall not be allowed to continue training until the instructor determines the danger is no longer present.



1. Persons will bow in the appropriate manner upon entering the mat.
2. Shoes must be taken off before entering the mat.
3. Persons must be punctual, preferably 5 minutes early, so that they are ready to train when class commences. If arriving late, a person must wait at the side of the Mat Area until the instructor indicates that a person may join the class.
4. Water must not be consumed whilst on the mats. Water should be kept in the cubbies with their shoes.
5. Students shall address Black Belt karate instructors as
6. “Master Ross” (Steve)—-“Sensei Ross” (Maison)
My Island Martial Arts has as its key objectives:
1. Deliver wellbeing through the responsible teaching of martial arts.
2. Ensure a safety-first approach in all our activities.
3. Develop student’s self-esteem, self-confidence.
4. Improve student’s personal safety and security.
5. Promote healthy community attitudes and values.
6. Encourage the development of a strong and resilient spirit.
All persons participating in a class conducted by My Island Martial Arts must agree to be bound by this Code of Conduct. My Island Martial Arts reserves the right to make amendments or additions to this Code of Conduct at any time.

Kenpo & Jiu Jitsu are contact martial arts, meaning they involve physical contact with one or more other practitioners in ways designed to simulate as closely as possible the self-defense options available to a practitioner when confronted with physical aggression and/or threatening behavior.
As in any other physically demanding recreational activity, there is always a risk of injury. Any person participating in a class conducted by My Island Martial Arts does so with the full understanding that whilst it is the policy of My Island Martial Arts to minimize this risk, the nature of contact physical activity prevents its total elimination.
Persons participating in a class conducted by My Island Martial Arts do so at their own risk.


1. Students are expected to wear their Gi & belt.
2. Students must purchase the required protective gear for the type of training they undertake; protective gear is typically only required for green belts & up. Or those with adult teeth present (mouth guards)
3. For Kenpo Jiu Jitsu, protective gear including, mouthguards, breast protectors (females), groin guards (males), gloves, shin protectors must be brought to each training session. Failing to bring protective gear will result in exclusion from some activities. (Orange belt and above) “once adult
teeth are present.
4. Uniforms must fit the student correctly. Cuffing the Gi sleeves if too long is acceptable. A simple inside hem stitch in sleeve and pants legs is also acceptable.
5. Students are expected to wear the belt relevant to their current level in each training session. NO mixing of Gi colors permitted below black belt.
6. Persons inappropriately attired will not be allowed to train.
7. Students must bring a filled water bottle to each training session.

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1. Persons must not train if they are suffering from the flu or other viral infection that may be passed on to other persons.
2. Persons must advise the instructor if suffering from any injury or medical condition, either permanent or temporary, which may be adversely affected by certain types of training
3. Some examples of this may include blood pressure problems and cardiac disorders, neck and back injuries, diabetes and asthma.
4. If requested by the instructor, persons with the above or like conditions must show this Code of Conduct to their physician and secure a medical certificate clearly stating that the person is able to participate in classes conducted by My Island Martial Arts and whether there are any restrictions or conditions applicable.